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  • Date: 2019-11-28
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How to find the failure of the automatic folding machine -shanghai lijing

It is normal for large automatic washing machines to fail.

The more common cause of failure is leakage from electrolytic capacitors.

(1) The method of judging the suspected electrolytic capacitor without disassembling the board. Generally, this type of machine has a greater possibility of leakage from the electrolytic capacitor under 100uf. When judging, you can use a well-grounded electric iron to lightly solder the capacitor's solder joints. Good capacitors only have the smell of flux, while the solder joints of leaky capacitors have a strong fishy smell when heated, and the difference is obvious. This method is relatively reliable, but the inspection must be performed when the video recorder is powered off. The power of the soldering iron is preferably within 20W. The operation should be light and the circuit board should not be burned.


(2) A key problem that is easy to be missed during maintenance. General maintenance, you can find the leakage capacitor and replace it with a new one. Overhauled the experience of a ZD-3000v folding machine, the image is normal when playing, and the sound is jittery. C605 and C607 were found to be leaking and leaking electricity. After the replacement, the failure recurred within a few days. Later, repeated cleaning of the circuit board around the leakage capacitor made the fault completely eliminated. This is due to the leakage of the electrolytic capacitor between the IC601 pins, resulting in failure caused by leakage resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the circuit board with absolute alcohol before replacing the leakage capacitor.

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