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  • Date: 2020-03-03
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Sensory inspection of hotel industrial washing machines Sensory inspection of hotel industrial washing machines

When the hotel industrial washing machine is inspected by other methods, it can also cooperate with human sensory organs at the same time. This method of using human vision, hearing, smell and touch to cooperate with the inspection is called sensory inspection.

1. With "eyes", you can observe whether the casing of the hotel industrial washing machine is damaged or deformed, whether the drainage system is normal, whether there is water leakage, whether the pulsator is rubbed with the same place, whether the speed is normal, whether the pulley is slipping, and the circuit is connected. Whether the points fall off, de-solder, the degree of rust of the parts, whether the motor windings are charred, and so on.

2. Using ears to “listen” is usually performed when the hotel industry washing machine is running. Listen for abnormal noise and judge the place where the noise is emitted, such as the frictional sound of the pulsator and the bottom of the barrel, and the harsh screams caused by poor lubrication. , Booming sounds due to barrel vibration, etc.

3. Use the nose to “smell” to find the burnt smell due to the temperature rise, so as to help determine whether the motor of the hotel industrial washing machine has a short circuit or poor insulation, and whether there is a malfunction such as poor lubrication.

4. Touch the uncharged parts of the hotel washing machine with your hand. It is easy to find out whether the temperature rise is too high, whether the body is vibrating too much, and whether the triangle drive belt is tight. When checking the temperature rise of the motor casing, the motor should be allowed to run continuously for about an hour. For safety, when touching the motor case, capacitor case, etc. with your hand, you can unplug the power plug.
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