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  • Date: 2020-05-27
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Why is the PVC conveyor belt cracking?

In industrial belt conveying, many people may encounter such problems. Among them, the frequent cracking of PVC conveyor belts is a problem. Today I will tell you why the PVC conveyor belts are cracking. I hope it is useful to everyone.


Causes of cracking of PVC conveyor belts?


1.Due to the limitation of space size, PVC conveyor belts have many bending times.


2. PVC conveyor belt joints have been repeated more than twice for various reasons.


3. The diameter of the reversing roller is small, and the bending stress on the PVC conveyor belt is large.


4. The quality of the joints of PVC conveyor belts is poor, especially the joints with more than three belts, the tensile strength is significantly reduced, or the canvas layer is cut or polished during gluing, and the strength is subdivided here.


5. For reversible conveyors, since they can only overlap in one direction, they are easily scratched by the sharp corners of belt cleaners and unloaders.


6.The working cycle of the conveyor is short, the starting is replaced, and the instantaneous tension is large.

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