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  • Date: 2021-01-24
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9 reasons for the poor ironing effect of ironing machines.
1. The steam pressure is too low, requiring work around 0.4-0.5MPa;

2. After the first day of work, close the steam inlet and open the bypass valve to drain the remaining steam;

3. The position of the suction pipe is not installed accurately.

4. Whether the steam trap is working normally;

5. Whether there is a problem with the installation of the drain condensate pipe, if multiple devices are drained through the same pipeline, a check valve should be installed at the rear of each device's drain.

6. The drain port of the condensate main pipe cannot be equipped with a trap. There must be no pressure in the condensate header.

7. Too much scale on the surface of the drying cylinder, clean it;

8. The used wax cloth causes the linen to be out of sync with the drying cylinder, so the wax cloth cannot be used;

9. The tension of the conveyor belt should be adjusted uniformly, and it needs to be replaced if it is aging.

If you have any other idea of the reasons for the poor ironing effect of ironing machines please share with us.
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