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Flatwork Ironer pads
Flatwork Ironer pads

Laundry Ironer Padding
The ironing machine is a kind of laundry equipment. It is mainly used for ironing of sheets and quilts. The ironing machine is generally made of ∮800 stainless steel. The main ironing unit and the cloth are made of advanced differential design. Flat cloth grass to improve the quality of ironing.
The ironing machine has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, ironing range, low energy consumption, safe and reliable performance and can be widely used in textile, washing factory, bleaching and dyeing factory, sand washing factory, printing and dyeing, silk, clothing, chemical latex industry, hotel, hotel , hospitals, guest houses and other industries
We choose high quality fiber for laundry ironer PADDING,have experienced workers and superior techniques,
the ironer cover padding are suitable for all brand of laundry flatwork Ironers.

our Ironing padding advantage:
1) durable;
2)small shrinkaging rate, breathe freely,
3)anti decomposition , long lifespan.,
4)for all flax type to result on excellent ironing ,
5)which is suitable for the flatwork rollers that use steam, gas and oil; cause  size,material can be customized by our factory.

Padding material have Nomex,Polyester, most of user use 100%Polyester or 100%Nomex, few of user use Nomex mixing Polyester 
1) Standard type is  800g/m2/4~5mmT
Our Nomex/Polyester Ironer Pad can be use in Jensen ironers , such as :
Machine brand: JENSON, Machine model No: JENROLL EXP 1200, serial No: IK0345
Single roll, 1200mm diameter and 3300mm width

Mainly (Standard) Type:
  1. 100% Polyester        800g/m2/4mmT        3800g/m2/15~18mmT
  2. 100%Nomex          800g/m2/4mmT        3800g/m2/15~18mmT
  3. 50% Nomex + 50%Polyester   900g-1200g.
Customer regular Size:
 700 gram polyester felts 3.3 wide 
800 gram nomex felts  3.3 wide
900 gram polyester felts 3.3 wide
1200 gram polyester felts 3.3 wide   

other type can be customized as request.

Below Flat Work Ironer Brands can be use our Ironer padding

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