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  • Date: 2020-04-23
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Basic Rules to Achieve Padding Full Working Life

Basic Rules to Achieve Padding Full Working Life,there have some tips from Texfinity :


   There are some basic rules which should be followed to ensure that padding achieves its full working life:


1)Make sure you choose a high tensile strength, more than 350 Kg/ 5cm and special high permeability Needled felt.

2) Ensure that the padding has been properly mounted and run-in by baking the Needled felt.

3)Check if the springs are still in good conditions.

4)Check the roll, chest and bridge alignments.

5)Make sure that the bed is cleaned and properly waxed before processing begins.

6)Check that residual PH of the linen before ironing is as close as possible to neutral or slightly on the acid side.

7)Check each individual fan as well as the suction on the rolls with a vacuum tester.

8)Ensure that the steam pressure is regular- not too low; otherwise the gap between roll and bed will narrow and finally break the padding.

9)Check the temperature level all along the bed and also the steam traps, to avoid droplets and cold spots which will cool down the bed temperature and make wrinkles in the linen.

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