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  • Date: 2020-05-11
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Rotary joint leakage disposal? Reason one: The concentricity between the hollow shaft and the rotating body is not enough. Countermeasures: Check the size and accuracy, adjust the fixed connection with the rotating body.

Reason two: The precision of the assembled machine is low (the straightness of the end face, the radial and axial gaps are large), and the vibration is large. Disposal countermeasures: find the reason, repair and install the equipment.

Reason three: Sludge, dirt and other foreign matter enter the contact surface of the friction pair. Disposal countermeasures: add filter net or decontamination device, transform the type of rotary joint.

Reason four: The use of pressure, temperature and speed exceeds the range of the optional rotary joint. Disposal countermeasures: Study the operating conditions, ask the research unit or manufacturer, and change the type of rotary joint.

Reason five: The grease is not filled according to the prescribed time, and the grease ball bearing is not modified or damaged when used at high temperature. Disposal countermeasures: Fill or redistribute lubricating grease regularly according to its usage regulations, and replace bearings.

Reason six: The friction surface of the sealing friction pair is deformed, and the wear amount of the compensation ring is large. Disposal measures: Grind the friction surface or replace the spare parts when there are abnormalities.

Reason seven: Deformation, aging, cracking and adhesion of the auxiliary sealing ring. Disposal measures: replace with new auxiliary seals.

Reason eight: The bellows is broken or damaged. Disposal measures: analyze the reasons and replace with new elastic elements.

Reason nine: The concentricity of the wear part of the compensation ring and the idle shaft is not enough. Disposal countermeasures: In addition to installing hanging and supporting, strengthen the acceptance inspection of product parts.
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